Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Blog is Back!

Adam: We've decided to start the blog again. Since our last episode:

- We returned to New York from Asia. We went to Miami to rescue the Potato and moved into our new apartment in Chelsea.

- We attended the wedding of our good friends Monica and James at the
River Cafe. It was a blast!

[Valerie looks beautiful. Adam looks like he's part of the band!]

[Judge, Kim, Tom, Adam]

- We started planning our wedding. First, we were going to have it at the Wolfsonian museum . . .
. . . and then at Villa Woodbine . . .

. . . nope! Back to the Wolfsonian . . .

. . . oops! Too small. So on to the National Hotel. But more on that later.

- Valerie developed a roaring addiction to paper. She is currently in recovery. (editors note: as I was typing this, she told me about something called a "stamping class." I am not making this up.)

- Adam was sucked into the black hole of work assignments. He was not seen at home for a number of weeks.

[No picture]

- Adam and Valerie went with their friends to a house in the Catskills for the weekend.

[Best steak ever, cooked in a fireplace!]

- Valerie's bridesmaids came to New York to do some sort of shopping-related activity. Maybe it's related to dresses for the wedding?

- The Giants won the superbowl. Valerie got so excited, she slammed her engagement ring down onto a glass, shattering it -- no joke. Then she went to the parade. Adam watched from his office.

- Happy Valentines Day 2008!

[Top of the Rock]

[Kumquat Cupcakes]
- Mets Game!

- Valerie met Eli Manning. To be specific, she stalked him while waiting outside of the mens bathroom.

- Valerie learned to bake cookies with Adam's mom.

- Molly made a number of appearances.

- Adam's brother David graduated from Georgetown law, and Adam bought a seersucker suit!
- Adam, Valerie and the Doog went to Montauk!

- Adam started a farm in their 500 square foot apartment.
- Valerie convinced Adam to wait all night long to purchase an iPhone.
- Our first anniversary: Jets v. Giants

More in the next post!


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The blog is back... the blog is back!!!!!!!!

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