Sunday, November 23, 2008

Painting and cookies

This weekend was rather quiet. Adam had to work on Saturday (boo!) and Valerie didn't do much apart from going to her trapeze class. We recently moved to Brooklyn and decided to paint our living room on Sunday. We opted for an "accent" wall in a "lazy sunday" blue (or for those Sex and the City fans, its a similar blue to the one used in Carrie's remodeled apartment in the movie). The color looks fantastic and definitely beats out our yellow wall from our 23rd street apartment.
(Valerie painting - our great view of Brooklyn in the background)

(Adam and the finished wall. The Giants game on the TV. Giants beat the Cardinals!)

We're still waiting for our new furniture to be delivered. We'll post an updated picture once we get the living room all squared away but for now you can see our TV and new white TV console. We're going with a modern decorating scheme and bought the white console to go with a matching white wall shelf to sit above the TV, a black rug and a black/white sofa.

After dinner we made these cookies. The cookies turned out pretty good and the recipe was easy to follow -- except that Adam added too much pumpkin and we think the cookies are more cake-like than they should be. But otherwise they are tasty and we recommend giving the recipe a shot.

The finished cookies cooling on the rack.

(Adam taking a bite of the cookies)

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Adam said...

You seem to be an expert of cookies & painting.... I too love both.